Key to staying cool and calm is to not react in the moment, if you tend to react in the moment you can easily be carried away by frustration. Back off, think through the topic, and decide what you can say and do and then do it. Set aside some time when you can composedly let your child know what you feel and why you feel so. Keep real expectations Gary Walters a psychology professor says our expectations about behavior can be out of line with what our children are capable of develop mentally. Do not force your expectations on your children in turn reducing their self confidence and increasing the feeling of insecurity. Give them space If children insist on performing certain actions that are against your wishes, express to them the pros and cons of the action and then give them some space to think calmly what you mean and expect. Expressing and explaining topics to children breed better results as compared to forcing them to perform as you would want them to. A parent needs to be strict to a certain extent but forcing your opinions on children can yield unwanted result such as children becoming rebellious. Remember, how you express your irritation and anger teaches your children about managing and organizing their own feelings and relationships. Help yourself to help your children. Think about the times when we deal with patience with our co workers or with new acquaintances. 754. Position your cue ball as close as the rules allow. Hold cue level with the tip, creating a loop with your non dominant hand. Aim for the very center of the cue ball. Focus on hitting the head ball—the one that will be closest to you. Stand straight and keep your knees slightly bent.

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The reserve parachutes on tandem systems are also the same as regular systems, just larger to handle the weight of two skydivers.