Google’s top executives all possessed pieces of conventional wisdom of what makes the best team but the truth was that no one had ever studied which of those pieces of information were true. No one really understand why some teams failed while others succeeded. Project Aristotle began its mission to discover the truth behind the failure and success of employees working in teams. The key results of Project Aristotle found that something called psychological safety was critical to making a team succeed at its best. The definition is, “Psychological safety refers to a belief that a team is safe for risk taking in the face of being seen as ignorant, incompetent, negative, or disruptive. High psychological safety means that teammates feel safe to take risks around their team members without embarrassment or punishment from anyone in the team” re: Work, 2016. For example, employees would not feel oblivious or intimidated to provide their input to the team. Employees would feel confident enough so that no other teammate would criticize them for asking a question, putting a new idea on the table, or admitting a mistake. The results of Project Aristotle meant that an effective team was not really about who was on the team, but more about how the team worked together. Google’s first employee said, “In the beginning of the company, there were some people who we refused to hire. They may have been technologically qualified but they did not have the personality to work with us” National Geographic, 2012. 611BLJM 604465. 162BCUS 9810715. 622BLUS 3027011. NPUB 306302. 562BLUS 300016. 61BLUS 308563.

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As head of the acquisitions team, Josh is responsible for identifying real estate opportunities, making recommendations to Monument Realty’s investment partners, arranging financing and conducting due diligence, preparing property business plans, and closing deals.