My belated dinner was a currywurst, a big hot dog chopped up and served with a spicy curry sauce. We went to an Irish pub where a painfully loud singer on an acoustic guitar was doing a continuous medley of “crowd favourite” excerpts, then an English pub where a couple of local girls joined our retinue, then a smoky bar corner where more friends were hanging out, then “Rosi’s bar” with a stuffy dance floor, then the last couple of hours of the night at a heavy metal bar where I enjoyed music more amenable to my non graceful dance style and some of the others enjoyed a foosball table. By 5 am and the return of sunlight I was more than ready to sleep, but I had no idea how to get home myself, so I was along for the ride as the group went to a restaurant for breakfast, then went on a ferry ride, and finally said goodbyes at a metro station. Back in Dublin Shopman had taught me the expression “Ich bin K. O. ”, the equivalent of “I’m done”, and now I was living it. Online activity subject to Terms of Services and User Agreement .

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